Frequently Asked Questions

Why Business consultancy is crucial?

Business consultancy helps nurture enterprises or firms by guiding them towards survival and growth, especially during the start-up phase. Alliance provides business counselling, obtain funds, critical and technical support services, government licenses, and much more to boost the life of your business.

Why Alliance?

Alliance as an ecosystem supplies care, growth, and protection for your business in its early developmental stages before it is ready to conduct independently. Our services apply a broad range of tools providing you with consultation, preparation of a proper business plan, feasibility study, assessment of the quality of business, franchisee support, operational support, implementing and execution of your business, I.T services, and Ministry support; all under one roof.

Why do so many small businesses fail?

Turner and Endres (2017) report that half of all new SMEs fail and a mere third of SMEs operate for a decade. Reasons include management inexperience and insufficient capital, inadequate business plan, lack of market knowledge, weak management team, and concentration on tactical instead of strategic issues.

Alliance works with experts in the field to reduce risks, avoid unnecessary expense, develop and execute viable business plans and improve the likelihood of success.

What kind of businesses does Alliance accept?

Alliance works with SME businesses of all shapes and sizes in Kuwait. Kuwaiti companies that want to expand within Kuwait or international business (franchise) wishing to enter or expand the Kuwait market are welcomed. Our core competent services of planning, implementation, operations, government licensing along with many more guide your business to a path of success.

I have been in business for a few months; do I qualify?

Yes. Businesses at any stage are welcomed.

I have been in business for many years; do I qualify?


I do not have a business plan; can I complete the “Inquiry Form”?

Yes, you may complete the form at and tell us about your business or project and what you want to do in Kuwait.

What services does Alliance provide?

Alliance provides the following services:-

  • Financial Plan
  • Consultation
  • Business Implementation Support
  • Company Establishment
  • Mandoob ( Ministry) Support
  • Business Operation Support
  • Business Expansion
  • Business Restructuring
  • Company Evaluation
  • I.T Development
Please check the details at

I have completed the “Inquiry Form” what should I expect now?

Our sales team will contact you within 2 working days.

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