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  • 100% money-back guarantee if our business plan did not work

  • Suggestive measure to improve business idea & plan

  • 10 Months of extra business support & guidance, if our business plan did not work

  • Expert guidance all throughout (which reduces mishaps)

  • Get a tailor-made business plan & not a copied template

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I’m honestly so glad to be introduced to your company and Mr. Salem Almutawa, it is a great honour. I was literally so confused with my expansion plan and didn’t know from where to start! I’ve been working in this field for more than 12 years, and I have officially launched my business in 2016. Therefore, to run a business by myself and going through all the micromanaging aspects is not easy at all, and it may be the main reason why I was always slow and careful with any step I want to take. Add to that, doubt, confusion and lack of numbers’ knowledge can hold any entrepreneur from improving their businesses and take them to the next level, which was my own case as well. Thanks to your company for giving me the help and support I needed for my upcoming step. Allowing me to have a better understanding of my current situation together with the expected future of my business expansion plan which I’m so excited to start!

Mashael Al-Mutawa

Design Me

Alliance has given us the confidence to grow and evolve, the team has been the beacon that lead the way and lit the path for JF Scarves. Even amidst unpredictable times, when the local and global markets were hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to persevere and expand our business and services. We are grateful for the presence of dedicated team members who are always a phone call away and willing to help tackle any obstacles.

Dr. Jenan

I have been working with Alliance since 2017, and they have been more than amazing with everything that has to do with my business, between writing up all documents to submit to the government to actually figuring out how to renew licenses or what to do as far as government paperwork, which can be stressful when you’re doing it on your own and you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner and so they make things a lot more simple, easy to navigate and they do it in such an efficient way that I can’t even express honestly the level of relief and assistance that they offered to me. They are so efficient. I recommend them to anybody that is starting a business or already started your business and you need to navigate through some paperwork to get things going, this is your go to place. Truly truly a thank you for your support over the years and I appreciate you so much.

Sana Jaman

One of the best companies I have dealt with.

Through them, all procedures and all stages of project establishment were facilitated, and through them I got acquainted with the best companies at each stage of project establishment.

The way the company’s personnel deal is very respectful (Salem, Abdul Majeed, Khawla), cooperating and having credibility in the work and they care about all the details of the project and this thing is very important and comfortable for the client and their interest and follow-up to all the details of the project accurately.

I really like dealing with them and I trust them because they are one of the best companies without a doubt.

Amina Al-Majed

One Avenue

The Choupette project is a project based on the latest modern fashion designs for children’s clothing based on a multi-axis franchise agreement.

We, as initiators, believe in the importance of choosing a business incubator due to its wide range of experience and scope in the success of emerging projects.

Choosing Alliance Company, with its many services, expertise and capabilities, with which it can promote the project or initiative. Alliance company contributed in providing all the possibilities that paved the way for us to establish the project and translate all ideas into reality based on professionalism in implementation.

We thank Alliance for their support.

Talal Malallah


We thank Alliance for the efforts made by the company and the distinguished team, and we are happy to work and cooperate with Alliance Company, and this cooperation and work has yielded positive and beneficial results for both parties, and we hope that we get to work on more projects together in the future.

Thank you for your efforts.

Tareq Bugamaz


The professionalism, expertise and the commitment to the clients within the entire Alliance Team is truly unparalleled.

Bader Al-Essa


Thank you for your professionalism in work, punctuality and good handling. I had a bad experience with a company in this field, but thank God my experience with you was very excellent. I would advise anyone who wants to start their own project to communicate with you.

Jassim Jeraq

We highly recommend the company. They did not only help us out but also guided us through the whole process.They are the perfect starting point to any potential idea or business. They provided us with all what we needed, that is proper guidance and a focused direction. Thank You.

Manal Mosalam


Since my internship in the company, their diligent team has been tremendously helpful to provide the right consultation for their clients. This is what drove my partner and I to become their client. We trust them.

Ali Al-Hadad


On behalf of Wild Hide team, I would like to thank Alliance for helping us establishing our business. They helped us in many different sectors starting from the feasibility study till the opening of our shop.We actually worked with a professional, outstanding and a very helpful team. They helped us in many different things, they cared about every single detail. We wish them all the best and we are looking forward for our co-operation in the future.

Sulaiman Al-Hubaishi


We thank Alliance Company for their good treatment and assistance in finding the right investor for our project, and assisting us in all aspects related to the project such as financial and administrative matters, developing a complete plan for the project and guiding us to the right path.

Hussain Qattan


Working with you, makes it easier for us to manage the project, the team is well experienced and along with experience, the company has good customer service.

Mubarak Al-Ajmi


I found the service provided was very nice and they are very cooperative and accommodating. I learned a lot of things from them with regards to the business.I trust them and hope that in the later stages, after the completion of plan, everything will work out great.I will definitely recommend Alliance’s services and would give them a 5-star rating.

Yusra Al-Khalifah

Prime Cake Bakery

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